M. Sc. Biology (2016 – 2018)

Concordia University

GPA: 4.20/4.3

B. Sc. Biology (2012 – 2016)

Laval University

GPA: 3.64/4.33

Adventure Guide Diploma (2010 – 2012)

Thompson Rivers University

GPA: 3.41/4.33

Research & Work Experience

Graduate Research (2021 – 2024)

PhD candidate, Charles Darwin University,

Supervised by Dr. Alan Andersen

The Diversity of Life (2021)

Teaching assistant, Charles Darwin University

Supervised by Dr. Sean Bellairs

Research Assistant (2019 - 2020)

Research assistant in the Insect Biodiversity & Biogeography Lab, Hong Kong University,

Supervised by Dr. Benoit Guénard

Graduate Research (2016 – 2018)

M. Sc. candidate, Concordia University,

Supervised by Dr. Jean-Philippe Lessard

Biodiversity & Ecology (2018)

Teaching assistant, Concordia University,

Supervised by Dr. James Grant

Inventory of Lepidoptera & Odonata diversity project (2018)

Field assistant, Quebec Center for Biodiversity Science,

Supervised by Victor Renaud

Molecular & General Genetics (2018)

Teaching assistant, Concordia University,

Supervised by Dr. Aida Abu-Baker

Marine Biology Internship (2016)

Laboratory intern, Universidad Austral de Chile,

Supervised by Dr. Luis Miguel Pardo

Undergraduate Research (2015 – 2016)

Undergraduate thesis, Laval University,

Supervised by Dr. Conrad Cloutier

River Guide (2010-2015)

Whitewater rafting and kayaking guide,

Expéditions Nouvelles Vagues (QC) & Wedge Rafting (BC)


A. Andersen, F. Brassard & B. Hoffmann “Unrecognized Ant Megadiversity in Monsoonal Australia: Diversity and Its Distribution in the Hyperdiverse Monomorium nigrius Forel Group”, DOI: 10.3390/d14010046, 2022. Paper. Diversity 14 (1): 46 (JIF: 3.03)

F. Brassard, CM. Leong, HH. Chan & B. Guénard “High Diversity in Urban Areas: How Comprehensive Sampling Reveals High Ant Species Richness within One of the Most Urbanized Regions of the World”, DOI:, 2021. Paper. Diversity 13 (8), 358 (JIF: 3.03)

P. Balzani, S. Vizzini, F. Frizzi, A. Masoni, JP. Lessard, C. Bernasconi, A. Francoeur, J. Ibarra-Isassi, F. Brassard, D. Cherix & G. Santini "Plasticity in the trophic niche of an invasive ant explains establishment success and long term coexistence", DOI: 10.1111/oik.08217, 2021. Paper, Oikos 00: 1-6 (JIF: 3.37).

F. Brassard, CM. Leong, HH. Chan & B. Guénard “A new subterranean species and an updated checklist of Strumigenys (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Macao SAR, China, with a key to species of the Greater Bay Area”, 2020. Paper,, Zookeys 970:63-116 (JIF: 1.55).

F. Brassard, A. Francoeur & JP. Lessard “Temperature drives caste-specific morphological clines in ants”, DOI: 10.1111/1365-2656.13330, 2020. Paper, Journal of Animal Ecology (JIF: 4.46).

F. Brassard, CM. Leong, HH. Chan & B. Guénard “Biodiversity survey research of ants in Coloane Island, Macau”, 2019. Technical report submitted to the Division of Nature Conservation studies, Instituto Para Os Assuntos Municipais, Macau SAR, China.

F. Brassard “Temperature drives caste-specific morphological clines in ants”, 2018. Thesis. Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

Grants & Awards

Charles Darwin University High Degree by Research open funding round (2021)

Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment Grant (2021)

University Research Training Scheme (URTS) (2021-2024)

Research Training Program Stipend Scholarship (2021-2024)

International Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship (declined)

Concordia Graduate Students’ Association Conference award (2018)

Student 10-min Competition 2nd place, Entomological Society Annual Meeting (2018)

Concordia University Conference & Exposition award (2018)

Concordia University Merit Scholarship (2018)

Quebec Center for Biodiversity Science Excellence award (2017)

Northern Scientific Training Program award (2017)

Concordia University Merit Scholarship (2017)

LOGIQ grant (2016)

Best undergraduate thesis presentation award, Laval University (2016)

Grant from the international bureau, Laval University (2016)

LOGIQ grant (2015)

Learie Sprott award, Thompson Rivers University (2012)

Thompson Rivers University Dean’s List (2011)


“How do varying fire regimes affect savanna ant communities through time?” Ecological society of Australia & Australian Entomological Society. Speed talk. 2021, Australia.

“Responses of ant communities to environmental stress and disturbance in Australian savannas, with a particular focus on the decoupling of different vertical strata.” Charles Darwin University. Confirmation of Candidature Seminar. 2021, Darwin, NT, Australia.

“Chasing ants in cities: worthy endeavor or glorified collectors quest?” Hong Kong University Seminar. Seminar. 2020, Hong Kong SAR, China.

“Of ants and men: Quantifying urbanization’s impacts on the myrmecofauna of a large city” Insect Diversity: Current and Future Perspectives. Poster. 2019, Hong Kong SAR, China.

“Temperature drives caste-specific size and shape clines in North American ants” Entomological Society of America annual meeting. 10-min presentation. 2018, Vancouver, Canada.

“A life-long quest to stare at bugs: how to build a career from a passion” Dawson College Biology Seminar. 1-hour seminar. 2018, Montreal, Canada.

“Temperature drives caste specific size and shape clines in ants” Concordia University Scientific Communication Annual Research Symposium. Poster. 2018, Montreal, Canada.

“Determinants of geographic distribution in ants: does morphology vary predictably along broad-scale environmental gradients.” Ecological Society of America & Quebec Center for Biodiversity Science, Poster. 2017, Portland, USA & Montreal, Canada

Scientific Communication

“Territory expert gets up close with ants”, Video interview E-news Charles Darwin University. 2021.

“Why do green ants taste like lime?”, Interview with Fiona Poole on ABC news 15th July 2021.

“Ants of Hong Kong SAR, China” Photoblog publication in Myrmecological News Blog. 2019. Accessible at:

“Ants of Arizona: A Glimpse” Photoblog publication in Myrmecological News Blog. 2019. Accessible at:

“La loi de Bergmann chez les insectes.” Magazine publication in Bulletin de l’Entomofaune no. 52. 2018.

“What shrinks ants?” Blog publication in The Beagle. 2017. Accessible at:

Related Involvement

Photography featured in the book “Australia’s incredible insects” (2022)

Science outreach work for Inspired NT (2021-2022)

Photography featured in the book “The Bugs of Hong Kong” (2021)

Photography contest 1st & 2nd place, Australian Entomological Society conference (2021)

Reviewer for Elsevier

Reviewer for PLOS One

Photography featured in the exhibit “The faces of Lung Fu Shan” (2021)

Reviewer for Pensoft Publisher (2020)

Photo Contributor in Le Beagle (2019)

Photography featured at the Lung Fu Shan environmental education center (2019)

Photography featured in Xinhua News (2019)

Photography contest 1st place, Société d’entomologie du Québec (2018)

Photography contest 3rd place, Société d’entomologie du Québec (2017)

Workshops & Special courses

“Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration 101”, University of Newcastle (2022)

“Wasp ID Course: Identification & Diversity” Pennsylvania State University (2022)

“The World of Ants: Natural History, Cultural History, and Research Perspectives”, Eagle Hill Institute (2021)

"Ants of the Southwest", American Museum of Natural History (2018)

"Exotic Biodiversity & Conservation in Southern Africa”, Laval University (2015)

Journal Covers